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Tyler Lyle – The Native Genius of Desert Plants

Tyler Lyle – The Native Genius of Desert Plants. The songs flow so smoothly the effort seemingly effortless. Congratulations Tyler Lyle on a brilliant album you inspire and uplift us all.


Tyler Lyle – The Native Genius of Desert Plants

Great new album making history

The Monday Morning Tape

Tyler Lyle just released another great album earlier this week. He’s been featured here before, and for good reason. He’s probably one of the best young American songwriters around today. He manages to write pop songs without them sounding cheap, and thoughtful songs without them sounding inaccessible.

The new record is called The Native Genius of Desert Plants. You can preview and purchase it below via his Bandcamp page. The whole album is worth hearing and buying, but if you want convinced and only have about fourteen minutes of free time, check out songs 1, 7, and 11.

RIYL: Josh Ritter, Matt Costa, Ryan Adams, good music

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“Winter Is For Kierkegaard” by Tyler Lyle

Congratulations to Tyler Lyle on tour this summer with the release of his new album The Native Genius of Desert Plants Bravo!

Free Bike Valet

11080631_886426488046626_3125935520470650132_oTyler Lyle returns by leaking the single, “Winter Is For Kierkegaard,” which stays true to his folk roots by carrying a natural impulse for wanderlust. And the singer-songwriter claims the track is “the philosophical starting point” for his forthcoming second album, The Native Genius of DesertPlants, dropping June 2nd. Summer road trip anyone?

“…reaching through the vast expanse of sky, oh holy night.”

And here’s an intimate live video of Lyle performing the song:

Tyler Lyle will soon join Lissie‘s Road to Ragbrai tour.


Tyler Lyle: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeBandcampSoundcloud

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Power of gratitude 

Yes grateful my late mother woke up all of us six children every morning with This is the day the Lord has made! She wrote the Psalm on all of our hearts


This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24) God does so much for us. We need to be grateful and give thanks over our meals, our health, the times our life is at peace, moments of serendipity, and most of all offer thanks over all that God does in our lives Studies are finding that people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits: -Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure -Higher levels of positive emotions; -More joy, optimism, and happiness -Acting with more generosity and compassion -Feeling less lonely and isolated.#gratitude #inspiration #God #religion #bible #positive #bepositive #positivethoughts

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